Arch Bridges

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This post is about arch bridges. This picture is of the Fremont bridge. The Fremont is in the city of Portland. This how the weight travels. So first there comes the weight (which is a car, train, and lots more). The weight of the car goes through the arch and then to the ground. I think the arch bridge is the strongest bridge of all. If you build an arch bridge out of Legos and stand on it, the bridge will not break.





Hello Ranchers,

Here are a few  pictures of salmon. The first pictures is of a coho salmon. Do you see how it’s color is lighter on the tummy and darker on the top? I think it’s like that because when you are looking down from the water it gets darker. So when its predators look down they will not see them and it’s lighter in color on the tummy because if it’s predators look up to its tummy they will not see it because when you look up from the water it gets brighter. The image of the cooked salmon is for fun and for education. Did you know that a salmon is very good to eat? It has a lot of protein. Continue reading Salmon

Cable-Stay Bridges


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Hello  ranchers,

These are a few images of  a cable stayed bridge. The first bridge on the left is a different design  of a cable stayed bridge. I am almost sure that the first bridge is in Spain. The other image is to show the where the tension is ,and how the weight travels to the ground. The white arrows represents the weight and the red  arrows represents the tension. In Oregon there is only one cable stayed bridge called the Tilikum Crossing. The person that designed the bridge was named Donald McDonald. This is how the weight travels. The first thing is the weight. Lets say a car drives over a cable stayed bridge where does the weight go? The weight travels through the cables.The cables are connected to the pylon. So the weight goes through the cables to the pylon and through the pylon, it goes to the ground.

What is your favorite cable stayed bridge?





Why I chose my header

Hi, I am Neil, welcome to my blog.  I chose this header because I love soccer. My favorite  soccer players are Lionel  Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I chose a  Messi  header. (Messi is a famous Argentinian soccer player who plays for Barcelona). My favorite position in soccer is being a midfielder. I have been playing since I was 5.  I like soccer because it is a challenging sport and not too physical. Soccer requires lots of skill. It is also a lot of fun.